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Rhinosculpting; Refine, Not Redesign

Rhinoplasty involves modifying delicate cartilage and bony tissues of the nose in order to change its appearance. There are many different ways that this procedure can be performed using different approaches (open versus closed), different graft techniques, different suture techniques, different instruments, and different surgical maneuvers. Each surgeon also has individual tastes and differences in terms of what they believe to be an optimal aesthetic.

Based on his training in the more classical closed technique, Dr. Westreich uses a variety of techniques designed to refine but not redesign the original contours of the nasal structures. Changing the shape of what is there, rather than drastically modifying or replacing it, results in a more natural look, which more represents a patient’s presurgical appearance. Dr. Westreich’s intricate understanding of nasal anatomy and contours allows him to customize each surgery and only create new structures that have a similar shape and feel to those found in non-operated noses.

A common request in our practice is that patients want their nose to change, but they still want to look like themselves. By taking a conservative approach to the surgery, this is almost universally achieved. Less grafts, less sutures, less camouflage techniques, and simpler surgical planning results in refining and not redesigning a person’s nose. Additionally, simpler surgery usually results in faster healing.

rhinosculpting - picThe Foundation rhinoplasty technique, which is used for crooked or deviated noses, is also helpful in retaining more of what a patient had before surgery.

Advanced septoplasty techniques help to support the nose from the ground up, adding predictability to the results over time, as well as improving breathing and nasal function.

Patients are given options for their surgical experience, such as polish procedures designed at creating symmetry and smoothening alone, partial rhinoplasty where tip changes or profile changes alone are done, as well as more comprehensive procedures involving the whole nose.

Results are still dramatic but more natural and refined. Options allow patients to customize their experience within the confines of medical possibility. Patients feel like they still have their preoperative identity and sense of self but were able to correct and focus on the issue(s) that were most important to them.

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